I’m a drone, I eat, I sleep, I work, I sometimes party, I love and I fuck. This shit is getting boring.

well sorry…


me during the whole month of october 

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i guess i take the most pictures with Hayden…even though we never actually take pictures together. its always of eachother or him taking fucked up pictures of me when im doing my hair or make up. seeing as i spent alot of time with him in a very short space of time we never took photos. i guess we arent those sorts of people. well im shy believe it or not but yeah. i met him through Tasha kind of, and we got on great from the start. we got close very quickly and i guess i opened up to him and we became really good friends. i would consider him one of my best friends, probably not to him but whatever. we’ve seriously had our ups and downs and i never know how we’re going to end up but he is an amazing guy who has taught me alot.


horrendous photos, but geez this was so long ago and lets face it, i loved him even then

Arrive at station and bus pulls up next to me, get on and the oyster thing isn’t working, got enough money and time to get me breakfast and lunch. Happy bobby.

Period: You want cookies
Period: You want to fuck
Period: You want to fuck while eating cookies.
Period: Let's be sad about trivial things, shall we?
Period: Kill them.
Period: Kill them too.
Period: Kill them and eat their cookies.
Period: Shhhh it's okay you'll feel better soon.
Period: Whoops you dropped a spoon better cry